Setup with Okta as SAML Identity Provider

Okta settings

  1. Sign in to the Okta Developer Console.
  2. Use the App Integration Wizard to add an application for use with Echoes.
  3. Use the SAML App Wizard to create your SAML integration. When done, you'll be directed to the Sign On page for your newly-created app.
  4. Click View Setup Instructions to complete the process.
  5. Note the Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL, and download a copy of the X.509 certificate.

The Attributes required by Echoes are to be mapped as follow:

Attribute mapping
Attribute mapping

Echoes settings

SAML Sign-in URL

Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL value to be found in the Okta Setup Instructions section.

Public Key x.509 Certificate

Can be downloaded from the Okta Setup Instructions section.


Updated 05 Apr 2022
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