Deployment frequency

We settled on deployment frequency as a proxy for batch size since it is easy to measure and typically has low variability. By “deployment” we mean a software deployment to production or to an app store. A release (the changes that get deployed) will typically consist of multiple version control commits, unless the organization has achieved a single-piece flow where each commit can be released to production (a practice known as continuous deployment). — Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps. IT Revolution Press

Echoes computes the deployment frequency using both the tagging events as detected on GitHub or GitLab, and the deployment events as notified through the Releases API.

Deployment frequency display
Deployment frequency display

The "Deployment frequency" tab shows:

  • In the tab itself, the average on the selected period and the average on the previous period with the variation in percent. The average is computed on the git tag events and the deployment events (confer Releases) combined.
  • The breakdown of datapoints across teams.

Updated 05 Jul 2022
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