Issue trackers


Echoes can optionally integrate with your issue trackers for two benefits:

  • Developer experience: when a GitHub pull request or GitLab merge request is linked to an issue, Echoes will follow this link to find an intent annotation and apply the corresponding labels automatically. This makes the life of engineers easier as they won't have to manually set a label if one was set at the issue label during the planning phase.
  • Exhaustivity of efforts: Echoes can account for efforts described in tickets for activities that are never reflected in GitHub or GitLab. This allows to get visibility into the efforts spent for example into incident management, or configuring your cloud provider.

One of the powerful aspects of Echoes is that it can combine multiple integrations and give you consolidated visibility over the activity across teams which are using different tools.


At the time of writing, only JIRA and Shortcut integration support accounting for efforts described in tickets. Please refer to the complete Compatibility matrix and let us know if you need one feature prioritized.

Supported integrations

Echoes supports the following issue trackers:

  • JIRA
  • Linear
  • Shortcut

Updated 25 Apr 2022
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