The billing page shows you all the information about your current plan and the available subscriptions. From there, you can upgrade your trial to a paid subscription.

Billing page
Billing page

If you do have an ongoing subscription, you are able to manage its billing with a click of a button.

Manage billing
Manage billing


Every Echoes account comes with a 28 days trial. Under certain circumstances, you may ask support@echoeshq.com for a prolongation.

๏ปฟ๏ปฟUpon expiration the Echoes dashboard is not viewable anymore. However the integrations and contributions are still recorded into our system.

Paid subscription

By clicking on the Start Subscription button you will be redirected to our payment processing partner Stripe. On Stripe's dedicated portal you will be asked to enter your payments information.

Start Subscription
Start Subscription

Upon validation of your payments information you will be redirected to the Echoes's billing page with the subscription enabled.

Subscription configuration
Subscription configuration

From there you can and should set your Active Contributors limit. By doing so, you limit the number of contributors to be dispatched among teams and therefore set the maximum billable amount accordingly.

After adjusting the Active Contributors limit click Save.

The Active Contributors limit can be adjusted anytime.

Manage Billing

Once a Subscription is active, you are able to manage it via our partner Stripe.

By clicking on the Manage Billing button, you will be redirected to a Stripe's dedicated portal where billing information and the possibility to cancel the subscription are available.


Updated 26 Oct 2021
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