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Echoes shows the activity of your engineering teams in a way that no other tools have before:

  • Echoes surfaces the reality of work. By measuring the gap between the plans and the execution, we help you course correct early to succeed on your goals.
  • Echoes presents activity in a way anybody in the company can understand, including your non-technical CEO, CFO, or business partners. And for a good reason: we want to help your break the silos between different functions that hold companies back.
  • Echoes is virtuous for engineers and respectful of their time. Our mission is to help companies create the right context for engineers to deliver their best work.

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General documentation

πŸ” Using Echoes πŸ’» Developer guide βš™οΈ Configuration guides


🎯 Outcomes πŸ”€ Initiatives πŸ‘₯ Teams


Integrations connect Echoes to third-party platforms. Some integrations provide units of work (e.g., GitHub, GitLab), others provide additional context for intent (e.g., JIRA).

⚫️ GitHub 🟠 GitLab πŸ”΅ JIRA 🟣 Linear πŸ”΅ Shortcutο»Ώ


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Please reach out to support@echoeshq.com for any topics or questions that wouldn't yet be covered by this document.


Updated 09 Jun 2022
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